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Radical Redneck Inventions Will Make You Laugh And Make You Feel Like An Underachiever

I do not know exactly who Art Mann is, but I do know that Art Mann presents some pretty cool things from time to time such as this video full of totally incredible redneck inventions.

Go ahead and click play and watch how necessity has led rednecks to see toilets used in new ways, bathtubs that have become vehicles, a real southern barbeque grill that is also a rideable lawnmower, and all sorts of ways to transport and drink beer.

Check out the video…

Coolest Tug of War Ever: 1 Tractor Vs. 30 Men!

Being engaged in farming, working on sometimes muddy sometimes bone-dry fields is hard for sure. One needs to expend too much energy for such a job and thus needs to get some fun sometimes.

Apparently, the people you’re going to see in the video presented below were so bored that they came up with a great idea: a tug of war between one tractor and 30 men! Who do you think won this epic battle, 30 adult men or 1 tractor?

Check out the video and see the winner of the coolest tug of war ever!!!

Redneck Style Fun: Monster Beetle with Gigantic Tires Floats on the Pool

“Welcome to America!” This is what you’re going to say right after checking out the video below! This video shows a Monster Beetle with gigantic tires getting into a pool to entertain a couple of rednecks.

I can’t be sure whether it was really necessary or simply funny to get this monster truck into the pool, but the guys there are apparently having a barrel of fun. Just a group of guys gather together to drink beer and show of their aesthetically destroyed monster cars, nothing more!

Check out the video below and see this redneck style fun!

How To Install Modern 392 SRT Hemi V8 in Classic 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack!

Here we have the best people in business Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman from Gas Monkey Garage, explaining how to install a modern 392 SRT Hemi V8 engine in a classic 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack.

Basically, they have changed everything, the exhaust system, suspension, wheels, and tires even the seats were modified, and all that because of the powerful 392 SRT Hemi engine.

Before this 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack was powered by Chrysler’s 340 cubic-inch, 5.6-liter small-block LA V8 engine, rated at 275 horsepower and 340 lb.-ft. of torque.

After the transplantation the Challenger gets new, much powerful heart, a modern 392 cubic-inch, 6.4-liter small-block SRT Hemi V8 engine, beating at 485 horsepower and 474 lb.-ft. of torque.



4000HP Corvette Takes Full Flight And Wrecked In Pieces At Tulsa Raceway Park!

UrbanHillbillyActionVideos has released this video featuring the incredible flying Chevrolet Corvette driven by Daniel Pharris at Tulsa Raceway Park.

You will going to see multiple angles including IN CAR footage of the flight and subsequent brutal landing.

You will also see Daniel Pharris out of the car gathering himself after the horrific crash. We gave you the in-depth story in an earlier blog item here so the only thing we’re going to do right now is tell you to watch the video below.

This moment took place during the Radial Revenge series event at Tulsa Raceway Park.


Murder Nova Is Just UNBEATABLE At The Drag Strip!! Here’s Why…

People around said that Shawn Ellington’s Chevy Nova also known as the “Murder Nova”, is unbeatable at the drag strip. Well, it’s true, and here’s why!

Shawn with his father and other close friends built this car with only one purpose and that was to be a beast on the street and with fuel injected carburetor.

Mighty GM 210 Turbo 400 transmission and a twin turbo big block Chevy engine that produces 2400hp, they did exactly that!

Click the video below to check the Murder Nova out!

Yenko Nova With The Most Incredible Nitrous Backfire On Launch!

What can one say when something like this happens? Well, not much I guess, because the opposite would be an abundance of trash talk and the mouthful of colorful sentences contained of all the bad words in the teamster`s vocabulary!

I mean, you put so much effort and hours of work in the building of a real drag monster, and something bad happens and the race is done even before it started! And I do not even to mention the anticlimax that occurs after all that positive spirit and the adrenaline rush which ricer feels before the very start of a race…

But I guess that is part of the bargain you get when you walk on a wild side, called the nitrous! The very thing that should be the most effective element of a race and which should make your powerful Detroit muscle even more terrifying on the strip, proves that it can also be very explosive and turn the race into the real disaster.

That is exactly what happened to Ronnie Pace and his real monster of Chevy Nova called Yenko, during a Texas Street Outlaw drag race. As he was preparing to launch, the bad and loud explosion happened under the hood of that powerful Nova, followed by huge flames.


1250HP Custom 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air. A Notable Pro Street Build

In this video we join popular Youtuber Scottie D at his buddy Steve Holcomb’s shop, Pro Auto Custom Interiors.

We get a good look at one of their customized 1955 Chevrolet’s! The Car was with the same owner for 41 years and then about nine years ago he started to build a drag car.

However somewhere during the build his Chevrolet transformed from a drag car to some kind of pro street type of build. To get a full review of this wild 1250 HP vehicle click the video below!

It is one that you will not want to miss out on! Check the video below.

School Bus Performs the Coolest Wheelie Ever!

Here’s a video that will make you say “What the hell did I just saw!” after watching it! Right after watching this video of only twenty-seven seconds you’ll say “Damn man, that’s America!”.

In this video, you’re going to see a school bus. At the first glance, it looks like an ordinary school bus, we we’re used to take during our student days, but it’s not as ordinary as it looks. This bus thus its drivers perform an unforgettable wheelie which leave the mouths of the people watching wide open. It would actually be super fun to be taking to school with this mind-blowing bus.

Check out the video to see the excellent wheelie this bad ass school bus does and enjoy!


When you look up “crazy paint job” in the dictionary, somewhere nearby this 1973 Buick Riviera’s picture will appear. Count’s Kustoms cranked out this masterpiece about a year ago, and it was quickly invited to appear in Valspar’s SEMA Show booth. This thing is just nuts, but in the coolest way possible. This is the kind of car you want to be cruising in.

It has incredible detail in the paintwork, sits right on the road and has a wild custom interior to complete the look. This cars is rolling on bright chrome Supremes and BF Goodrich whitewall radials from Coker Tire Company, and they look perfect on this car. Danny is a huge car guy and has a heart of gold for fellow enthusiasts. His passion for spicing up old cars and giving them a new lease on life is infectious. Danny’s television show “Counting Cars” just aired its fourth season.

There are certain cars at the SEMA Show that jump out and grab you. It might be a flashy paint job, or it might be more about the owner’s popularity. Or maybe you saw it on a TV show and seeing it person just stops you in your tracks. This 1973 Buick Riviera is all of the above. It is an over-the-top custom, and it was built on History Channel’s TV Show, “Counting Cars”, by Danny Koker and the crew at Count’s Kustoms. These guys are obviously very talented, and this boattail Riviera really shows off the skill needed to pull off a paint job of this caliber.