World’s Largest Mopar Junkyard That Will Make You Feel Jealous!

Filmed and shared by Auto Archaeology, the video we proudly present you right here today shows us the world’s largest, and definitely the coolest, Mopar junkyard ever found!

The place considered to be the largest Mopar junkyard on the planet is called Stephens Performance. As reported, the guys over there have been collecting Mopar’s since 1976. While taking a stroll through this fascinating junkyard, you will come across many 60s 70s Mopar’s, Coronet’s, RoadRunner’s and Baracuda’s. It’s too bad these precious Mopar’s are left there to decay as in Alabama once a car is transferred to a junkyard the VIN is flagged, meaning that it cannot be registered again.

Watch the video to see this large and cool Mopar junkyard and let us know what would you do if you were the one who found such a precious treasure.

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