When you look up “crazy paint job” in the dictionary, somewhere nearby this 1973 Buick Riviera’s picture will appear. Count’s Kustoms cranked out this masterpiece about a year ago, and it was quickly invited to appear in Valspar’s SEMA Show booth. This thing is just nuts, but in the coolest way possible. This is the kind of car you want to be cruising in.

It has incredible detail in the paintwork, sits right on the road and has a wild custom interior to complete the look. This cars is rolling on bright chrome Supremes and BF Goodrich whitewall radials from Coker Tire Company, and they look perfect on this car. Danny is a huge car guy and has a heart of gold for fellow enthusiasts. His passion for spicing up old cars and giving them a new lease on life is infectious. Danny’s television show “Counting Cars” just aired its fourth season.

There are certain cars at the SEMA Show that jump out and grab you. It might be a flashy paint job, or it might be more about the owner’s popularity. Or maybe you saw it on a TV show and seeing it person just stops you in your tracks. This 1973 Buick Riviera is all of the above. It is an over-the-top custom, and it was built on History Channel’s TV Show, “Counting Cars”, by Danny Koker and the crew at Count’s Kustoms. These guys are obviously very talented, and this boattail Riviera really shows off the skill needed to pull off a paint job of this caliber.

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