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Jaw-Dropping Corvette Sounds Cooler Than Any of Its Counterparts

Car shows are definitely great places where you can find numerous vehicles, varying from Dodge Daytonas to Plymouth Superbirds, all together.

If you have time enough then you can enjoy these vehicles by looking onto every single detail of them. Today we present you a video that is filmed during muscle car and corvette national show in Chicago, Illinois. In this video, you’re going to see an insanely cool Corvette with some jaw-dropping details and a wicked sound which is coming from the Supercharged Blown Big Block roaring under the hood.

Check out today’s video to enjoy the view and sound of this bad ass Corvette. We hope enjoy it!

Blown 1970 Chevelle With 1,300 hp Getting Sideways On The Streets!

When you have all that power under the hood, there is no way that you can take the vehicle out without beating on it at least a little bit. Talk about 1300 hp is certainly nothing to scoff at and, if you’re not careful out there, it can most certainly get away from you quite easily. With that amount of power, we would definitely recommend a driver who has had some experience with powerful cars before, otherwise, you could just be asking for trouble. If you do know what you’re doing, on the other hand, something like this can really spell out a lot of fun.

Chevelle SS 505 Big Block!

If you’re a true fan of American Muscle Cars, this is definitely something you need to see. Your site Amazing Muscle Cars is dedicated to bringing you the very best Videos about Muscle Cars, Trucks, Hot Rods and more, Thanks for visiting our site, we really appreciate it, you can help by giving us a like and a share on our social media platforms.

Chevelle 555 Big Block Straub Cam Cold Start!!

If you’re a true fan of American Muscle Cars, this is definitely something you need to see. Your site Amazing Muscle Cars is dedicated to bringing you the very best Videos about Muscle Cars, Trucks, Hot Rods and more, Thanks for visiting our site, we really appreciate it, you can help by giving us a like and a share on our social media platforms.

Bad To The Bone Burnout With a 57 Plymouth Christine

Burnout, technically the practice of keeping a vehicle stationary while spinning its wheels, is one of the coolest things one can perform with a car!

Apart from being a cool practice to have some fun, burnouts also have a ritualistic value as it is almost impossible to imagine a drag race without burnouts. The video we share today shows us the most gorgeous burnout ever seen on the planet. Performed by a 1957 Plymouth Christine with long ram fuel injected 543ci strocker, this bad ass burnouts will, beyond any doubt, amaze you!

Check out today’s video and enjoy this spectacular show!

Yo Bro, U Ready To Check Out Monster Energy’s Ken Block’s Ford F-150 RaptorTRAX? Come On!

Ken Block rocks! I could watch Ken Block videos all day long every day well, I would need to mix in a few suxy girls in cars videos from time to time too.

If you dig Monster Energy athlete Ken Block as much as I do, you simply must click play and check out Block’s incredible supercharged 650-horsepower Ford F-150 RaptorTRAX, which is probably the coolest backcountry snowcat any of us will ever see.

Ever! Block uses this totally tricked out F-150 snowcat to go snowboarding in the backcountry.

Where Is Rick Petko After Leaving American Chopper!

If you were the type of guy who would simply sit in front of your TV and spend hours and hours of watching your favorite TV show, then you must be familiar with the feeling of closeness to the people in the show. As each episode passed by, it seemed like we were getting closer and closer to them. Hereby, one of the most legendary reality shows of all time, American Chopper, has been a great success for everyone who took part in. But, ever since the show was off, we have not heard much about Rick Petko.

Where Is Rick PetkoAfter Leaving American Chopper 2

Well, this is your chance to take a look at everything you need to know about him and what was he doing over the years. His love for motorcycles has been with him ever since he was very young hence he used to watch many movies about old motorcycles.

He joined the show back in 2003 and stayed there until 2012. Having gained the proper fame, Rick Petko opened his own fabrication shop in downtown Stroudsburg in Pocono back in 2016. But he is not working there completely alone.

Namely, he partnered with the owners of Harley Davidson dealership, Jim and Linda Schlier. Rick has been doing great ever since he opened his fabrication shop and says that he was absolutely amazed when he heard that the owners of Harley Davidson dealership were willing to cooperate with him ever since the start. It is so great to see Rick have his own shop!



We will all agree with the fact that Ducati is an icon among motorbikes and is keeping the throne selfishly for high-performance for years. And we can count endlessly and stretch the list with epithets like “pure adrenaline”, “high performance” and even adding names like Borgo Panigale, and we can do this forever.

Once you buy a Ducati you are connected forever with it. There is no second option. And why this fact is just the way that it is? Ducati is a masterpiece, Italian elegance powered by maximum strength! So we are not surprised from the fact that out there don’t exist many Ducati motorbikes that are tuned and modified. Honestly, it’s very sad to do that to your Ducati, to ruin its soul.

That’s why we picked this unique Ducati “upgrade”, because we’ve seen many modified engines before strengthened with turbo chargers which add enormous power that in our opinion can’t be handled on the track, but it is what it is. And believe us this is not an ordinary tuning, it’s not even close to tuning, this is a custom made motorbike with two Ducati engines on it!

We are sorry because we didn’t bring you more details about the engines, so if you know some more details please share them with us.

This bike is freakin bananas!

Posted by Super Rat Racing on Sonntag, 17. August 2014

SPECTACULAR CHALLENGE: Light-Speed Masters Build THE WHOLE ENGINE In just 17 mins!

Leave your car in the mechanic shop and come back in 20 minutes and these guys will take care of everything. Yeah it sounds too damn good but it’s a real damage because you can’t find these mechanic shops around.

We all know how much we miss our four-wheeled pets when they are harmed and we wait for them to be healed but sometimes it takes time for the mechanics to find out the problem. Yeah is there a possibility somehow that time to be eliminated, and the diagnose to be instant?

Actually this is very true and in only 20 minutes these guys can fix everything, but how? They are two teams which were anticipating in back-to-back competition and built whole small block Chevy 350 engine in just 17 minutes and 10 seconds, yeah they were faster than robots. So with this speed they can remove the engine, split it in parts and easily find the broken part. That means you are good to go in 20 minutes.

And they are not ordinary guys, they are students at the Mopar College Automotive Program in the Southeast Community College in Nebraska and , so here we deal with professionals.

Honestly we don’t know how effective are they but judging by the video bellow they are quite skilled. Take your time and watch the video bellow.