Full Custom Leather Interior 55 Chevy Bel Air by Hix Design of Oklahoma!!

If you’re a dedicated enthusiast of Chevy, then you probably have one specific model in your mind, with which you often dream of having an unforgettable ride.

For some, this specific model is Chevy Bel Air, a true masterpiece of American automotive giant Chevrolet. The video we choose for you to check out today shows us a great example of Chevy 1955 Bel Air with custom interior by Hix Design of Norman, Oklahoma. The seats and the other interior equipment are coated with leather of the highest quality. Having a sit in this exquisite Chevy must be as enjoyable as staying a night in the most luxurious hotels of the world.

Watch the video to see the fine work doe on this 55′ Chevy Bel Air and enjoy!

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