Twin-Turbo Diesel AWD Motorcycle is Made out of Everything Including Sink and Cement Mixer

Motorcycles are cool for sure, but some of them, custom built ones especially, are way cooler!

Today’s video shows us one of these “way cooler” motorcycles: a hydro-static Twin Turbo Diesel powered AWD motorcycle designed and built by Sam Turner of Atlanta, Georgia. This motorcycle is not the ordinary motorcycles we’re used to see on the streets every day. This is different, because it’s made of everything! It has rims from a Camry, a p- trap from a kitchen sink and a diesel motor from a cement mixer. The engine runs two RHB31 turbochargers and an intercooler from a Suzuki Swift. This diesel powered motorcycle is a creation that you could say is definitely one on the entire planet!

Check it out and enjoy!

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