GIANT Engine Start Ups Are SO BIG They Crushed The World!

Boy oh boy… I hope you are ready to get down with some of biggest and best sounding engine start ups of all time because this video is loaded with ‘em.

There is a giant 24-cylinder engine that will blow your mind and the 12 superchargers on one racing engine. The diesel V10 pullin 7.3 Turbo engine is amazing, while the very first test drive of a quad-turbo 2JZ engine is wonderful.

Then there is the super unusual Ford Mustang fitted with an epic triple turbo diesel engine and the Packard Bentley’s infamous 42-litre engine. And we must not forget the incredible and large Cizeta-V16 engine that is not only big and powerful but also pumps out some crazy engine sound nor the Ferrari 512BBi Boxer engine with open headers that make it ultra loud along with the rare VR5 Seat Toledo II engine that produces one of the greatest engine sounds of them all.

But, perhaps my favorite is the homemade supercharged straight eight engine that is 100% awesome.


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