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Before we start with telling you the rest of the story we have to warn the true fans of the Pontiac GTO, not to get too excited since this in only a rendering and there has been no announcement that Pontiac is bringing the car back in any shape or form but that is no reason for us not to check it out and talk about what if, this thing is the new 2019 GTO.

Let’s be clear that this is a rendering (obviously) and that GM has no intention of bringing back the GTO or Pontiac for that matter. We will get to why I think GM is dropping the ball on that one in a moment. For now, we are going to look at this 2019 Pontiac GTO rendering and roast the hell out of it.

2019 Pontiac GTO Design
Now the first image is something rather disappointing and it appears that whoever drew it was one of the only 4 people on this earth that actually liked how the Pontiac Aztek looked, and that number includes the 2 chief designers. The rest of the front end looks like the now zombie Aztek found a Cadillac and stole its eyes in order to look like a true Frankenstein. Nope, no thanks keep this one in the drawing room preferably in the garbage bag.

The rest of the parts on the car feel like the designer of this vehicle has 0 knowledge of proportions and is still waiting to hit puberty, but decided to give us his opinion on the matter nevertheless.

The rest of the pictures, well to be honest with you, we tried starring at them to find anything good about them but, we have to apologize, we have to admit defeat, and sorry but there is just nothing that looks good enough to come close to a 2019 GTO









At the end we have found something that we truly liked and we cannot get out of our head, yes it’s the true real and only, original GTO.

Ralph Lauren’s 1938 Bugatti Coupé Type 57SC Atlantic: $40 Million for a Ride?

For many, the name “Ralph Lauren” has been associated with quality, class and refined taste.

As many of you know already too well, Ralph Lauren is an iconic American clothing designer, who is also enviably successful in various businesses and enterprises worth of billions of dollars. The video we offer you here today shows us something mesmerizing owned by this gifted gentleman. There are only two Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantics in the world and guess who is the owner of one of them: Ralph Lauren! This breathtaking vintage sports car has won the title of World’s Most Prestigious Car, along with many others, in 2013. It has a price of $40 million. Can you believe it?

Check out the video, see the car and tell us whether this price is ridiculously high for such a machine or this extremely rare Bugatti is worth every penny!

Mesmerizing Lamborghini Countach Specialized for Drag Racing

When it comes to muscle cars, you can find countless videos showing them on our website, and today we present just another one! This video is so enjoyable and impressive that it’s gonna leave you totally speechless for sure.

Watching it, you’re going to see one mesmerizing Lamborghini specially modified for drag races. As expected, this special Lamborghini is coming from the only place outside the United States where one can find and see this type of drag monsters: Australia. Unlike from the other Lamborghini models we’re used to see, this perfectly modified drag race monster is powered by a Blown V8 engine, which is strong enough to do a Quarter-Mile passes in seven seconds at about 190mph. We don’t know how much horsepower and torque lie under the hood, but it sounds super powerful!

If you want to see a beast-like drag racer then click on the video and enjoy!

Lotus F1 Mad Max: The Most Badass F1 Car You’ll Ever See

British sports car manufacturer Lotus has unveiled a very special edition of an F1 racing car designed for the post-apocalyptic world.

Dubbed Lotus F1 Team Mad Max Hybrid, the vehicle comes fully equipped with off-road wheels, flame throwers, front-mounted spikes, and a skull attached front wing to scare off those maniacs in the wasteland.

Check the video…

SPECTACULAR CHALLENGE: Light-Speed Masters Build THE WHOLE ENGINE In just 17 mins!

Leave your car in the mechanic shop and come back in 20 minutes and these guys will take care of everything. Yeah it sounds too damn good but it’s a real damage because you can’t find these mechanic shops around.

We all know how much we miss our four-wheeled pets when they are harmed and we wait for them to be healed but sometimes it takes time for the mechanics to find out the problem. Yeah is there a possibility somehow that time to be eliminated, and the diagnose to be instant?

Actually this is very true and in only 20 minutes these guys can fix everything, but how? They are two teams which were anticipating in back-to-back competition and built whole small block Chevy 350 engine in just 17 minutes and 10 seconds, yeah they were faster than robots. So with this speed they can remove the engine, split it in parts and easily find the broken part. That means you are good to go in 20 minutes.

And they are not ordinary guys, they are students at the Mopar College Automotive Program in the Southeast Community College in Nebraska and , so here we deal with professionals.

Honestly we don’t know how effective are they but judging by the video bellow they are quite skilled. Take your time and watch the video bellow.


We will all agree with the fact that Ducati is an icon among motorbikes and is keeping the throne selfishly for high-performance for years. And we can count endlessly and stretch the list with epithets like “pure adrenaline”, “high performance” and even adding names like Borgo Panigale, and we can do this forever.

Once you buy a Ducati you are connected forever with it. There is no second option. And why this fact is just the way that it is? Ducati is a masterpiece, Italian elegance powered by maximum strength! So we are not surprised from the fact that out there don’t exist many Ducati motorbikes that are tuned and modified. Honestly, it’s very sad to do that to your Ducati, to ruin its soul.

That’s why we picked this unique Ducati “upgrade”, because we’ve seen many modified engines before strengthened with turbo chargers which add enormous power that in our opinion can’t be handled on the track, but it is what it is. And believe us this is not an ordinary tuning, it’s not even close to tuning, this is a custom made motorbike with two Ducati engines on it!

We are sorry because we didn’t bring you more details about the engines, so if you know some more details please share them with us.


This bike is freakin bananas!

Gepostet von Super Rat Racing am Sonntag, 17. August 2014

Gas Powered RC Grave Digger Truck!

The technology has gone a long way ever since some of its first concepts came out. There have been some amazing inventions and breakthroughs over this past couple of decades and it is something that has been proven over and over again. To furthermore strengthen this acclimation we see the RC Grave Digger in action. This ¼ scale model surely does look amazing at first glance, but once you listen to its engine, you are going to feel the real power. Namely, it is gas powered and has a Stinger 609 mini V8 engine.

Gas Powered RC Grave Digger Truck 2

The engine is the only thing that a powerful RC vehicle will ever need and watching this bad boy in action is something that is going to exemplify why. The attention to details is really impressive and the functionality of the RC Grave Digger is the same as you would find in a normal one.

However, if you want to get one for you, it is going to cost a lot. Namely, purchasing this monster will cut your budget by $7,400. Yes, even though you can get a full-size V8 engine for that price, some RC enthusiasts will surely get one RC Grave Digger.

The sound it makes is something really unique and according to some, it even sounds better than a normal V8 engine.

Even though we cannot really say that that is true, we can surely admire and give credit to its owner for showing us this awesome RC car in action in his yard!