Mesmerizing Lamborghini Countach Specialized for Drag Racing

When it comes to muscle cars, you can find countless videos showing them on our website, and today we present just another one! This video is so enjoyable and impressive that it’s gonna leave you totally speechless for sure.

Watching it, you’re going to see one mesmerizing Lamborghini specially modified for drag races. As expected, this special Lamborghini is coming from the only place outside the United States where one can find and see this type of drag monsters: Australia. Unlike from the other Lamborghini models we’re used to see, this perfectly modified drag race monster is powered by a Blown V8 engine, which is strong enough to do a Quarter-Mile passes in seven seconds at about 190mph. We don’t know how much horsepower and torque lie under the hood, but it sounds super powerful!

If you want to see a beast-like drag racer then click on the video and enjoy!

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