SPECTACULAR CHALLENGE: Light-Speed Masters Build THE WHOLE ENGINE In just 17 mins!

Leave your car in the mechanic shop and come back in 20 minutes and these guys will take care of everything. Yeah it sounds too damn good but it’s a real damage because you can’t find these mechanic shops around.

We all know how much we miss our four-wheeled pets when they are harmed and we wait for them to be healed but sometimes it takes time for the mechanics to find out the problem. Yeah is there a possibility somehow that time to be eliminated, and the diagnose to be instant?

Actually this is very true and in only 20 minutes these guys can fix everything, but how? They are two teams which were anticipating in back-to-back competition and built whole small block Chevy 350 engine in just 17 minutes and 10 seconds, yeah they were faster than robots. So with this speed they can remove the engine, split it in parts and easily find the broken part. That means you are good to go in 20 minutes.

And they are not ordinary guys, they are students at the Mopar College Automotive Program in the Southeast Community College in Nebraska and , so here we deal with professionals.

Honestly we don’t know how effective are they but judging by the video bellow they are quite skilled. Take your time and watch the video bellow.

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