We will all agree with the fact that Ducati is an icon among motorbikes and is keeping the throne selfishly for high-performance for years. And we can count endlessly and stretch the list with epithets like “pure adrenaline”, “high performance” and even adding names like Borgo Panigale, and we can do this forever.

Once you buy a Ducati you are connected forever with it. There is no second option. And why this fact is just the way that it is? Ducati is a masterpiece, Italian elegance powered by maximum strength! So we are not surprised from the fact that out there don’t exist many Ducati motorbikes that are tuned and modified. Honestly, it’s very sad to do that to your Ducati, to ruin its soul.

That’s why we picked this unique Ducati “upgrade”, because we’ve seen many modified engines before strengthened with turbo chargers which add enormous power that in our opinion can’t be handled on the track, but it is what it is. And believe us this is not an ordinary tuning, it’s not even close to tuning, this is a custom made motorbike with two Ducati engines on it!

We are sorry because we didn’t bring you more details about the engines, so if you know some more details please share them with us.


This bike is freakin bananas!

Gepostet von Super Rat Racing am Sonntag, 17. August 2014

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